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My Philosophy
The universe explodes out. It also explodes in. There are no borders. From this viewpoint, the concept of big exists equally in the realm of the small. My challenge is to move into that unexplored and exciting inner space, mentally and physically, while questioning notions of perception, time, and value.

The creation process is long and complex, often requiring the design and production of a series of custom tools to make microscopic parts. When working at the smallest level, I slip into a meditative state in which my focus shifts from an object itself to the shadows it casts and the feel of the material under my touch. My heartbeat and breathing calm into nothingness.

In a world where large is often perceived as better, both in manner and physical reality, my work values the vast, enduring, and precious calm that exists in little things and in ourselves. Sometimes the most powerful voice in the room is the quietest.

Osamu Kobayashi was born in Japan into a long line of engineers and metal-smiths. His ancestors were renowned for their skill and artistry as swordsmiths.

Growing up, Osamu was fascinated by the machinery in his father's machine tool company, which he viewed as huge smoking beasts that ate chunks of metal. Like his father, Osamu studied mechanical engineering, earning his degree from Meiji University. After graduation he became known for his work miniaturizing products for an international clientele. 

A deep love of nature has also had a major impact on Osamu's work.  An avid bug hunter, as a child he would spend years tracking particularly elusive and interesting insects by studying their habits and even tracing their scents. Osamu often utilizes this knowledge today in the creation of micro sculptures.

Having Tamiya toy company's headquarters located in his hometown was a boy's dream come true as well. In regular pilgrimages to his local hobby shop, Osamu was always one of the first to make, modify, and destroy one of this company's fine products.

Osamu currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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